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What you need to know about promotion on Facebook and Twitter

What you need to know about promotion on Facebook and Twitter

There are many companies that do not promote themselves in various social networks. Their page, as a rule, is a blog that has never been updated before in a year, and the number of its fans is about ten, and 8 of them are employees of the same company. What does this mean, by the way, to potential customers?

Social networks have quickly entered our lives. However, to this day, many do not understand what their meaning is. Some companies are actively engaged in them for free, while someone is meaninglessly spending millions on their further development in the network. Follow social networks - accordingly, keep up with the times. Currently, social networks are important and should not be ignored under any circumstances.

You can find many articles on the importance of social networks. It is enough to say that if you do not keep in touch with people you know, then you will quickly lose them. Creative people communicate with each other, not only in life, but also in social networks. We follow others, communicate with them and spend a lot of energy on sharing our work, impressions and disappointments.

When it finally comes to business, the dark side of communicating with other designers is that they begin to sabotage each other. People become petty due to fierce competition in their environment. Learn to trust only yourself!

The moment you maintain personal contacts with your close friends - look for those people who will buy your professional services.


Most people use Facebook ads. Therefore, Facebook page likes, which can be bought using the site top4smm.com, are in great demand. Despite the fact that Facebook is used mainly by executives and owners of different companies, few people think that advertising on this resource is actually a good marketing tool. If you represent such large companies as Coca-Cola or Toshiba, then the need for your Facebook page to appear is obvious. In that case, and if your business is connected, for example, with design, then you will not have enough time to use this social network with benefit. Therefore, it’s better to use Facebook in order to always be in touch with your closest friends and relatives.


For customers, Twitter is a kind of billboard. For creative, talented people, Twitter is good at driving traffic to your website or blog. Most people follow Twitter thoughtlessly, which can quickly lead to quantity, not quality. And alas, the designers there also follow each other. Would you like your competitors to appear on the list of people who subscribe to you when potential customers visit your favorite page?

When you finish work on your next important project, post it on Twitter in order to focus the attention of those who may be of interest to you.

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